Introduction (Blackness Crawling Beneath Your Feet)

from by Hate Inclination



In my routine thinking of the unknown
When I ponder other worlds and unseen dimensions
In attempt to find escape from my own land
I felt a tug on my spirit, pulling, like a summons
I stood curious, hardly conscious of my movement
Ran to my front door, hesitated, then opened it
To my astonishment, the world lay barren and dark
The sky was not of Earth, I thought I must be dreaming
Though I felt very much awake
And fear crept upon me, crawling
Still, something was drawing me out
Like a desperate need to venture forth
The ground around me was a blackness
That felt alive and moving, but appeared still
Ahead the ground started to sink
As I approached, I saw it was an entrance

Descending down, now with blackness above
And at my side were walls with strange composition
Surely this all must be unearthly material
The long, dark pathway was twisting and nauseating
The walls gave off a minimal light to guide my way
But ahead I now saw that the walls came to an end
An expanse of blackness followed, seemingly boundless
But I continued, still ensnared in the mystery

"It did not occur to mankind that a swift fate might be hanging over us.
Or, that from the blackness of outer space, we were being scrutinized.
With instruments and intelligences of which we have scarcely dreamed."


from Disease Swept the Cosmos, released March 10, 2017



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Hate Inclination Fresno, California

One-man death metal from Fresno, California. Brutal and guttural with plenty of riffing, grooving, and slamming.

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