Subterranean Cosmic Abomination

from by Hate Inclination



Lingering beneath the crust
Lies a pod infested eons ago
Cocoon, colossal and pulsating
Cosmic biology waiting awakening
Fully grown over millions of years
Time has come to emerge
An earthquake of unrecorded magnitude
Trembling across the Earth

A tear in the crust deep underwater
Global shock waves from the pacific
World governments grow suspicious
The creature arises from the sea

Quickly making its way towards land
Drastic response, missiles are fire
The most advanced of weaponry fails
All neutralized telekinetically

Encompassed in exoskeletal plating
Almost humanoid, but terribly grotesque
Reaching the shore, budding begins
Hideous creatures birthed from its skin

The disgusting things invade the cities
Scores of them targeting humanity
A species far inferior slaughtered
Fearing the final global disaster

On the chest of the gargantuan
Lens through which all is learned
Directing a beam into the sky
Collection of darkness forms, expanding
A portal consuming and transporting
Earth emerges in a foreign solar system
The planet's surface erupting in flame
Once our planet, now it is theirs


from Disease Swept the Cosmos, released March 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Hate Inclination Fresno, California

One-man death metal from Fresno, California. Brutal and guttural with plenty of riffing, grooving, and slamming.

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