Telekinetic Visions

from by Hate Inclination



Suddenly, I felt the Earth shake
Buildings crumble as the ground breaks
Not I nor anyone knows what it is
Running wildly, stricken with panic
Then I saw something burst from the ocean
Crashing waves upon my coastal town
Before I can see it, it lets out a noise
Deafening drone bleeds our ears

As I look to find the source
I catch only a glimpse of it
A grotesque form of monstrosity
My vision blurred and I left that world

I could feel the energy in my brain
Being manipulated and tainted
Visions of different planes of existence
Split-second voyages into true horror

I felt knowledge invading my mind
Truths from all parts of the universe
Humanity feels so distant
Could this be my eternal fate?

The shifting of planes began to slow
Leaving me with a vision of a star
Surrounded by planets that inspired dismay
A portal then opened and spat out Earth

Immediately it turned to a ball of fire
The all encompassing drone returned
Thrust back into my body, I looked out to the sea
As the alien opened a portal from its chest


from Disease Swept the Cosmos, released March 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Hate Inclination Fresno, California

One-man death metal from Fresno, California. Brutal and guttural with plenty of riffing, grooving, and slamming.

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