Disease Swept the Cosmos

by Hate Inclination

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This album is seven tracks of death metal crafted to tell a story of unknown horror from beyond the universe. The music itself was very carefully written over the past two years, and I can't wait for you to hear the culmination of brutal, technical, and chilling death metal with strong literary influence from Franz Kafka and H.P. Lovecraft.


released March 10, 2017

Recorded during Fall of 2016 and mixed in December. All music was written, recorded, and mixed by Caleb Liles. The album features artwork done by Kirill Semenov. The logo for Hate Inclination was done by Brutal Disorder Logos.



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Hate Inclination Fresno, California

One-man death metal from Fresno, California. Brutal and guttural with plenty of riffing, grooving, and slamming.

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Track Name: Introduction (Blackness Crawling Beneath Your Feet)
In my routine thinking of the unknown
When I ponder other worlds and unseen dimensions
In attempt to find escape from my own land
I felt a tug on my spirit, pulling, like a summons
I stood curious, hardly conscious of my movement
Ran to my front door, hesitated, then opened it
To my astonishment, the world lay barren and dark
The sky was not of Earth, I thought I must be dreaming
Though I felt very much awake
And fear crept upon me, crawling
Still, something was drawing me out
Like a desperate need to venture forth
The ground around me was a blackness
That felt alive and moving, but appeared still
Ahead the ground started to sink
As I approached, I saw it was an entrance

Descending down, now with blackness above
And at my side were walls with strange composition
Surely this all must be unearthly material
The long, dark pathway was twisting and nauseating
The walls gave off a minimal light to guide my way
But ahead I now saw that the walls came to an end
An expanse of blackness followed, seemingly boundless
But I continued, still ensnared in the mystery

"It did not occur to mankind that a swift fate might be hanging over us.
Or, that from the blackness of outer space, we were being scrutinized.
With instruments and intelligences of which we have scarcely dreamed."
Track Name: Crushing the Ruined Spirit of Earth
Sickness beyond the universe
Powers that articulate madness and horror
Implant thoughts and beings
Into the unlit parts of worlds

It began as a disturbing vision
Or otherwise unexplainable delusion
When upon exiting my doorway
I faced a world of daunting prophecy

Physically bound to a wasted planet
Exhausted by tyrannical Earth
Humanity smothering its beauty
Cancerous apes multiplying
Distracted minds of ignorance
Deluded by media bombardment

Pray to the alien lords
Please grace us in this time
Your almighty intellect
Towering above false gods
Oh wise and powerful beings
Hear this cry for relief
Enlighten our planet with
Eradication of humanity

Before we destroy ourselves
With violence and greed
Come and strike true horror
Into the heart of mankind
Implant in our minds
Knowledge beyond our reach
Wisdom of universal absolution
Crushing the ruined spirit of Earth

Bring upon the Earth entrancing beings, formless in darkness
And awaken the abomination embedded beneath the surface
To bring humanity their final chaotic catastrophe
And steal Earth to become a charred rock in foreign orbit

Implant in our minds
Knowledge beyond our reach
Wisdom of universal absolution
Crushing the ruined spirit of Earth
Track Name: Subterranean Cosmic Abomination
Lingering beneath the crust
Lies a pod infested eons ago
Cocoon, colossal and pulsating
Cosmic biology waiting awakening
Fully grown over millions of years
Time has come to emerge
An earthquake of unrecorded magnitude
Trembling across the Earth

A tear in the crust deep underwater
Global shock waves from the pacific
World governments grow suspicious
The creature arises from the sea

Quickly making its way towards land
Drastic response, missiles are fire
The most advanced of weaponry fails
All neutralized telekinetically

Encompassed in exoskeletal plating
Almost humanoid, but terribly grotesque
Reaching the shore, budding begins
Hideous creatures birthed from its skin

The disgusting things invade the cities
Scores of them targeting humanity
A species far inferior slaughtered
Fearing the final global disaster

On the chest of the gargantuan
Lens through which all is learned
Directing a beam into the sky
Collection of darkness forms, expanding
A portal consuming and transporting
Earth emerges in a foreign solar system
The planet's surface erupting in flame
Once our planet, now it is theirs
Track Name: Enlightenment of Horror
Things that exist in other planes
Look over you occasionally
Just as if to stalk you
Amusement fed by fear

At times you feel a shudder
Looking behind, you imagine
Perhaps a dark figure
It could not be, you think

But, you feel a presence
Paranoia, or ghastly connection?
It keeps you awake at night
With its grip on your senses

Projecting themselves into the darkness of worlds
As you peer into the distance
Vague shapes seem to move ominously
Drawing you into a trance

An indescribable swell of dread
Suddenly flowing through your spirit
Weighs down on your sanity
The formless beings instill madness

You live reclusively in fear
Thoughts being manipulated by them
The drag you away in your dreams
To wander with plagued creatures of other worlds

In dimensions of unknown sensations
Entirely detaching from humanity
Bringing an enlightenment of horror
A life stolen and placed in obscurity
Track Name: Encountering the Seed
Face to face with one of them
The awful seed of the sea beast
Disgusting extra-terrestrial
I turn to run and the chase begins

Every time it gains on me
I feel a cognitive interruption
A momentary static that rattles
Light-headed, I stumble

It grasps my leg for a second
And in that time I see another world
Escaping its grip, my senses return
All that I've known is meaningless

Everywhere around me, I can see
Others suffering the same fate as me
Blank faces with no self intact
Hope was lost at the very beginning

I search for comforting thoughts
To accompany me to the end
But the more I grasp for them
The more my sanity crumbles

A creature stares through my eyes
Waves of melancholy and dread
Overwhelming, freezing paranoia
My mind stranded in the void
Track Name: Telekinetic Visions
Suddenly, I felt the Earth shake
Buildings crumble as the ground breaks
Not I nor anyone knows what it is
Running wildly, stricken with panic
Then I saw something burst from the ocean
Crashing waves upon my coastal town
Before I can see it, it lets out a noise
Deafening drone bleeds our ears

As I look to find the source
I catch only a glimpse of it
A grotesque form of monstrosity
My vision blurred and I left that world

I could feel the energy in my brain
Being manipulated and tainted
Visions of different planes of existence
Split-second voyages into true horror

I felt knowledge invading my mind
Truths from all parts of the universe
Humanity feels so distant
Could this be my eternal fate?

The shifting of planes began to slow
Leaving me with a vision of a star
Surrounded by planets that inspired dismay
A portal then opened and spat out Earth

Immediately it turned to a ball of fire
The all encompassing drone returned
Thrust back into my body, I looked out to the sea
As the alien opened a portal from its chest
Track Name: Disease Swept the Cosmos
Insurmountable terror reigns
In the bleakest reaches of space
Concoctions of unspeakable horror
Wormholes transporting terrors

An energy birthed of hatred
Dispersed throughout the universe
A plague among the stars
To bring about the end

You feel its presence in darkness
When paranoia consumes your mind
And all thoughts become dismal
As happiness turns to legend

Every source of light that it graces
Irreversibly turns to nothingness
A silent, indistinct monstrosity
Slowly laying waste to the cosmos

Earth, as insignificant as the rest
Decays among the dying universe
All light fades as atmosphere depletes
A dimension laid waste